Robina Ritz has a proud history of delivering a quality cinema experience to members of the public since the early days of Cinema. Our cinema opened in 1920, showing silent films. In the foyer area is more information about our cinema's history, including some relics, such as the original piano which was used to provide music during silent films.
In the 1940's, the cinema received it's first major rebuild, with carpet coverings being installed on the floors, and much more advanced projection equipment. Films were getting much better, and so was our cinema!
In 1958 the cinema was sold to a local businessman, who injected a huge amount of money and time towards further upgrades. While these renovations were happening, a temporary screen was set up outside, and the cinema continued to operate, except in poor weather. The renovations increased the seating capacity of the cinema, as well as making room for a much larger shop area, selling popcorn and cold drinks.
The increased takeup of televisions lead to a decline in patronage of the cinema, and by 1980, the cinema was only operating one weekend a month. This continued for the next few years, until in 1986 the cinema was closed and effectively abandoned.


In 1995, after almost ten years of sitting silently, the cinema was purchased by it's current owners, and was once again renovated. This time the screen was removed to make way for a stage, with a new retractable screen being installed. New seating, as well as floor lighting and cup holders gave the cinema a much more refined feel, and the local theatre company put on productions on the new stage.
The next couple of years saw a great revival in the use of the cinema, and this has continued to the present day. The cinema has undergone an upgrade fitout, with a new digital projection system and state-of-the-art sound equipment. It is now used for many different purposes, such as school concerts, live bands, and for mass viewings of major sporting events.