Member's Lounge Terms and Conditions

Competition Entry

  • Unless otherwise stated, all competitions are open to all users of the Member's Lounge. This includes employees and their family members.
  • Management reserves the right to vary conditions from time to time as necessary.

Prize collection

  • Prizes may be collected from the ticket counters in the foyer. If your prize is a movie ticket, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the movie's start time to ensure adequate collection time.
  • Prizes have no cash value, and may only be redeemed at Robina Ritz. Prizes are not transferable. In the case of a double pass, the prize winner needs to attend with the other party or they may not be granted entry.

General conduct

Our competitions are run for the benefit of users of the Member's Lounge, membership is open to everyone, but it is a privilege and not a right. If you are exhibiting abusive behaviour, your membership will be revoked. Similarly, if you are caught trying to cheat the system, your membership will be terminated. This is to ensure that our members can participate in a safe and fair way in all of our competitions.